•     Iris Sabellano

     Iris has been working in the travel industry for around 10 years and started her career in a travel consultancy in Doha, Qatar before transferring to Dubai. Travelling is her main hobby - apart from being able to relax and see other places and cultures, it helps Iris in her job to to give first hand, expert advice to her clients, and give great recommendations on particular destinations. Hailing from the Philippines, a tropical country, she particularly enjoys beach and nature destinations.

  •     Lisa Beyers

    Lisa comes from South Africa and, as a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce (specializing in Tourism), Lisa has worked in the hotel and travel industries in both South Africa and Dubai before beginning work with Al Arabi Travel Agency in 2012. Lisa's hobbies are photography and travel - she's been to a wide range of destinations such as the UK, Cyprus, Singapore and Australia.

  •     Nerina de Swardt

    Nerina is from Cape Town, South Africa and has been in the travel industry for over 15 years. She is well-travelled and has previously worked in Spain, the Netherlands, England, Ireland and now the United Arab Emirates. She enjoys the outdoors, loves hiking in the mountains and going on road trips to explore small towns. Nerina prefers small towns rather than big cities but loves Dubai and plans to stay here for some time.

  •     Sarah Neylon

    Sarah is one of our leisure consultants and is from Dublin in Ireland. She made the exciting move to Dubai almost 2 years ago and has worked with Al Arabi for 18 months. She's recently had great experiences travelling Vietnam and Australia. Sarah has worked in travel for most of her career and enjoys the challenges of the job. Away from work, she likes to take advantage of Dubai's great weather by going to the beach and spending the weekend away to relax.

  •     Shenaz Dawood

    Shenaz is the Travel Supervisor at Al Arabi Travel Agency. Originally from South Africa, she's been in the travel industry for over 10 years and in Dubai for just over 5 years. She's passionate about travel (corporate travel in particular), enjoys learning about new cultures and meeting new and exciting people.

  •     Yvonne Fernandes

    Yvonne is from Mumbai and is an IATA Certified Travel Consultant with experience with sales and ticketing with travel agencies. She's also experienced with prime audit in revenue accounting with airlines. When away from work, Yvonne loves to spend time with her family.

  •     Parizad Bharucha

     Pari is one of leisure consultants and hails from Auckland, New Zealand. She worked in Sydney for 5 years before moving to Dubai in January 2011. Pari's father was a cruise line captain which translated into a real passion for cruising - she's definitely our resident expert with extensive knowledge on all aspects of cruising. Pari also has outstanding product knowledge of Australasia, USA and the Pacific Islands.